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DraftKings offers Salary-Cap Based Fantasy PGA Tour Golf Leagues. Typically, our contests will be open for registration and drafting before the tournament begins on Thursdays, and run for the entire length of the tournament ending on Sunday.

Contest Format: Salary Cap


  • In each contest, participants will be assigned a fixed salary cap of $50,000 that they can use to draft their entire 6 golfer lineup.
  • The golfer pool will consist of all PGA Tour golfers expected to be participating in the current week’s tournament. Any missing golfers will not be added to the pool once DraftKings starts offering contests for that week. If a golfer is scratched late from an event, he will remain in the player pool, and you must be aware to remove them from your team before the tournament starts. Golfer salaries will also not change once DraftKings starts offering contests for that tournament start time.
  • Contest results and winners will be based on the total fantasy points scored across each entrant’s 6 golfer lineup (scoring summarized below).
  • Participation in each Contest must be made only as specified in the Terms of Use. Failure to comply with these Terms of Use will result in disqualification and, if applicable, prize forfeiture. About Draftkings


  • Rosters will consist of 6 Golfers.


Golfers on each team will accumulate points as follows:

  • Per Hole Scoring
    • Double Eagle (DBL EAG): +20 PTs
    • Eagle (EAG): +8 PTs
    • Birdie (BIR): +3 PTs
    • Par (PAR): +0.5 PTs
    • Bogey (BOG): -0.5 PTs
    • Double Bogey (DBL BOG): -1 PT
    • Worse than Double Bogey (WORSE DBL BOG): -1 PT
  • Tournament Finish Scoring
    • 1st: 30 PTs
    • 2nd: 20 PTs
    • 3rd: 18 PTs
    • 4th: 16 PTs
    • 5th: 14 PTs
    • 6th: 12 PTs
    • 7th: 10 PTs
    • 8th: 9 PTs
    • 9th: 8 PTs
    • 10th: 7 PTs
    • 11th–15th: 6 PTs
    • 16th–20th: 5 PTs
    • 21st–25th: 4 PTs
    • 26th–30th: 3 PTs
    • 31st–40th: 2 PTs
    • 41st-50th: 1 PTs
  • Streaks and Bonuses
    • Streak of 3 Birdies of Better (MAX 1 Per Round) (3+ BIR STRK): +3 PTs
    • Bogey Free Round (BOG FREE RD): +3 PTs
    • All 4 Rounds Under 70 Strokes (ALL 4 RDS UND 70): +5 PTs
    • Hole in One (HOLE IN ONE): +10 PTs
Scoring Notes: Ties for a finishing position will not reduce or average down points. For example, if 2 golfers tie for 3rd place, each will receive the 18 fantasy points for the 3rd place finish result. Playoff Holes will not count towards final scoring, with the exception of the "finishing position" scoring. For example, the golfer who wins the tournament will receive the sole award of 1st place points, but will not accrue points for their scoring result in the individual playoff holes.
Player Lock Notes: All golfers lock at the time the first golfer tees off on day 1 of an event.
Contest start times are subject to change. Please check back for exact times within 24 hours of the event.



Golfer eligibility determinations and decisions around golfer inclusion into the player pool are at the sole discretion of DraftKings.


In the event that a tournament is cancelled, all player entries will be cancelled and refunded. If an event is postponed or delayed for a reasonable amount of time, as determined by DraftKings in its sole discretion, the contests may remain live until which time the tournament is completed. After final tournament results become available, the contests will be finalized and settled.


DraftKings uses official PGA Tour statistics as provided by STATS LLC and includes all round and scoring data that the PGA and STATS LLC deems to be official and complete. If the PGA shortens an event for any reason, then the statistics that are generated for the portion of the tournament that has been completed will be used to settle contests and render them final.


Contests will close approximately five minutes before the start of the tournament included in the contest. You can edit your roster as many times as you like before the contest closing time, but all rosters are set and final and cannot be changed after a game locks. Contest start times are subject to change. Please check back for exact times within 24 hours of the event


PGA Tour Golf contests that offer live scoring and standings updates are strictly for the enjoyment of DraftKings customers. However, they are not official and are for informational purposes only. Official scores and results will be posted at the conclusion of the contest. You will know when the final results are posted when the contest status updates to "Completed", and the contests moves from the "Live Games" section to the "Completed Games" section on the My Contests page.

Live scores are calculated using the standard fantasy league points system. See the Rules and scoring link on each draft screen for the specific points and categories used in that contest.


During each game, DraftKings receives live scoring updates from our stats provider, STATS LLC. After the game has concluded, DraftKings receives a final box score, which will be used to calculate the results of each contest. However, the leagues and stats provider will occasionally revise box scores after the final box score has been released. In the event this occurs, the player scores on DraftKings will not be updated and the settlements will not be revised. Note that this is not the same situation as a case where a correction needs to be made after settlement due to a bug or issue with the data feed or the settlement process. In these cases the settlement process (including payment) may be reversed and redone correctly.


DraftKings will wait until all of the final box scores have been reported for each contest’s tournament to ensure that the final results are accurate. Our statistics provider, STATS LLC will occasionally make revisions to final box scores that correct statistics published live during the games. In those cases, payouts will be based on the final box scores, not the box scores published during live games. If revisions are made after the final box scores are published, payouts will not be reversed or changed. If there is difficulty obtaining official results or issues with scoring, the contest may be settled the following day or whenever the final box scores are initially published.


The player salaries listed are a function of the salary cap fantasy sports contest format and are not intended, and should not be relied upon, as any indication of real-life salary valuations of the individual players.